Thursday, June 9, 2011

Counter - Real Time Miniature Combat

(v0.62 beta)

Counter is a miniature game that lets you assemble a squad of troops that meets your requirements and then pit them against your opponents in real time.
Played in 30 second rounds, players race their miniatures over the contested hot-spots of the battle field while targeting and throwing out cover fire as best they can.

But speed and reflex must be tempered with strategy and patience.
Expend more resources than your opponents and they will get the drop on you.

But perhaps your squad has an ace or two up it's sleeve?
Did you bring more gunners than your opponent to likely win any fire fight? Or perhaps you opted to bring Heavies to devastate the battlefield and control the field of play? Or maybe you decided to unleash the kind of tactics and tricks that only your Ops can bring to a squad?

In any case, the battle will be fast a vicious, and leave you with plenty to consider and tinker with before the next battle begins.

Counter is still in beta testing format (v0.6) at the moment but feel free to grab the elements below and get started.
I can always use your feed back and am happy to answer any questions on this games entry on (link coming soon)

To get started you will need a copy of the rules, they are available in 2 formats below:
Below you'll find .pdfs of various other elements you will need to play.
  • hotspots
    areas of the battle field for your minis to fight in.
  • op cards
    used if you field any Op type troops.
  • zones
    each player needs a zone in their team color to keep their chips and markers in during play
Players may also find the following sound file useful for timing their 30 second rounds
  • timer
    I start this on my iPod before each round so it gives a 3 second count in, and out for each round.
Lastly each player will need to miniatures that clearly represent their roles (Gunners/Heavies/Ops, see the PDF for details,) and a supply of poker chips. Both chips and minis should be colored in a similar manner to the players zone.
Players with Heavies will need small red cubes, and players with Ops will need small black cubes.


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